Baccarat variations you can play online

Baccarat variations you can play online

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If you are looking for a table game with easy to learn rules, Baccarat is the perfect fit for you. Invented in Italy, the game has become popular all over the world, especially in Macau-based casinos, which are huge with high-stakes gamblers. Thankfully, you don’t have to travel around the world to join the Baccarat tables as they are available online. You can join virtual tables and live offers different Baccarat variations, so stay with us to find out what online casinos have to offer.

Virtual Baccarat table

When it comes to Baccarat played at virtual tables, players can choose from a few options that share general rules with a few minor differences. The classic version of Baccarat also known as Punto Banco is offered at most casinos. At LeoVegas, for example, you can try your luck with NetEnt’s Baccarat Pro. The version called Professional Series offers low and high limit Baccarat tables as well as a VIP version of the game.

Another game variant available at the virtual tables is Mini Baccarat. It’s as simple as Classic Baccarat and one of the main differences is the lower bet limit. Mini Baccarat is played with a shoe with 6 decks of cards while the standard version of the game uses eight decks of cards. Another difference is that the house odds on a tie make up 14.44% in Mini Baccarat while the same bet in classic Baccarat comes with a house margin of 14.36%. This game variant also has smaller tables.

Live dealer baccarat variations

The wide variety of Baccarat variations available at live casinos confirm that this is one of the most popular with online gamblers. In addition to Classic Baccarat, which you can play at high-stakes or VIP tables, there are other versions of the game and we give you an overview of them.

Baccarat Squeeze

This version of the game uses a standard set of rules with the only difference being on how the dealer reveals the cards. This depends on how the bets were made, so the higher the total number of bets on a hand, the more suspense the game becomes. What does it mean? The dealer will fold the dealt cards to the card with the highest bet, meaning they will reveal a portion of the cards, thus allowing the player to peek at each card.

Baccarat Control Squeeze

This is a variation of the Baccarat Squeeze, where the player can squeeze cards by himself. The cards are face down on a glass and players are allowed to digitally flip them over and reveal their value. Of course, you can’t see all the cards but only the corners of them, but that can add to the excitement of the game.

No Commission Baccarat

Like the two previous live dealer baccarat variants, this one is made available to you by Evolution Gaming. As its name implies, it removes the 5% commission that the casino receives for winning the house. However, when the dealer has a 6 point, wagers on the dealer only earn 0.5: 1. This version of the game also offers a wide range of options, side bets including Super 6, Player and Banker Pair, Perfect Pair and Player and Banker Bonus. When two identical cards are dealt to both the dealer and the player, Perfect Pair pays at a ratio of 25: 1. In the event that you play this bet and the two pairs are divided between the dealer and the player, you will win a bet with an amazing payout of 200: 1. When the dealer wins with a 6 point hand, the Super 6 bet carries Come to you with a 15: 1 payout ratio as long as you play it.

Live Dragon Tiger

This version of Baccarat has a unique oriental flavor. Instead of the player and dealer, you have a Dragon and a Tiger, and instead of two cards, each of them gets one card per card. There is a difference between Live Dragon Tiger and Classic Baccarat including the card values. The game offers a side bet in which you predict whether Tiger and Dragon cards are equal regardless of their suit. This is a draw that earns you half of your main bet and the payout is 11: 1.

Speed ​​Baccarat

You can easily guess from its title that Speed ​​Baccarat is the fast-paced version of the game. It uses the same set of rules as Classic Baccarat. However, rounds are played 20 seconds faster than a standard game variant thanks to all cards dealt face-up.

Above are some of the popular live dealer baccarat variations, you can follow our detailed guide articles and tactical tips to start playing them effectively.