How to get online eligibility for live Poker tournaments

How to get online eligibility for live Poker tournaments

2020年9月24日 casino news 0

Create your own poker history.

For many players, the ultimate poker dream is to have an advantage over Chris Moneymaker, i.e. qualify for a major tournament like World Series of Poker and then win millions of US dollars.

It was a beautiful dream. And, surprisingly, you can do it like never before.

Virtually every poker site offers a wide range of satellite tournaments or low cost tournaments starting at $ 1 and looking to win seats for WSOP $ 10k Main Event and many more.

How tournaments work is that if you win $ 1 Sit & Go, you get access to the next level – say $ 5 Sit & Go. That continues until you reach the final Sit & Go competition, if you win (or are near the top) you’ll earn a package that includes buy-in, travel, and hotel. for a major live tournament.

How to play more than one table in online poker

One of the main differences between online poker and live poker is the ability to play more than one table at a time.

While multi-bars may seem intimidating, it’s actually pretty easy considering how often you just wait for good cards in poker.

For example, you could open two tables, put them right next to each other, and happily fold your trash until you get a decent post on one of the tables and then simply focus on it. It will essentially double your profits.

Seasoned pros already know opening more than eight tables at a time and while we do not recommend that multi-table is one of the best parts of online poker.

Online Poker player rewards program

Many players don’t know this but basically every time you play online poker with real money, you earn regular player points, which you can exchange for cash and prizes.

Regular player points are rewards for loyal customers and can be used to get a variety of perks including free tournament buy-in, free merchandise, and even real cash.

Don’t diminish the value of regular player scores! Some players just let their scores immerse themselves in their account. There are valuable rewards if you generate enough points so be sure to always know how many points you have!