Introducing Blackjack Playtech

Introducing Blackjack Playtech

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Guide to Blackjack Games at Playtech Casino

PlayTech is a powerful casino software organization, offering games for many of the biggest and most famous international brands including Ladbrokes and many others. Founded in 1998, the platform includes casino and poker games. Here you can find a large number of blackjack variations to choose from, including many variations with the jackpot side bet. In addition, you’ll find branded games including the famous Marvel slot machine games.

In this article, you will get a detailed look at PlayTech and especially their blackjack games. First of all, the article briefly outlines the history and background of this company. Next, you’ll find an overview of Playtech Blackjack games.

Playtech overview

Like many of the casino software giants, PlayTech does not offer live gameplay to players. Instead, they license the titles to casino operators, then handle the marketing and service aspects of their players. PlayTech has become a giant by powering major brands in the UK, and around the world, they don’t currently offer games to friendly US casinos.

This company was founded in Estonia in 1998 and now has offices worldwide. They are licensed to provide services out of Malta. In addition to the giant casino, the PlayTech poker platform is also shared among many major brand names.

The games are accessible through downloads or instant play browser versions. With the advancements in technology and networking, Flash-based browser games can perform just as well as today’s downloads.

Blackjack game at Playtech

There are a total of 15 Blackjack games to choose from, including 2 live dealer games from PlayTech studios. Note that not all casinos offer live dealer games. In addition to the standard variations there are some fun niche games, with 21 Duel Blackjack and fun and unique gameplay.

Here are the main blackjack games you’ll find at PlayTech casino.

Standard games include European rules (just called ‘Blackjack,」 and a US rules game where the dealer looks for blackjack before the player takes action. I recommend using the pro version, the stakes are the same and you will have a more updated interface and smoother graphics. There is a multi-card blackjack game, allowing you to play up to 5 cards with a single dealer hand. There is also a multiplayer title that brings social elements to virtual tables by allowing you to play alongside other players.

The main variations are offered as follows:

Blackjack Switch: This is an entertaining game in which you bet on two cards and can switch the top cards between them before you start the action. This adds a new element of strategy and participation to the standard early game.

  • 21 Duel Blackjack: This game has two bets. The main bet gives you only one card shown and then selects two cards to combine with this card. If you want to bet, it will pay a different amount of your bet. The dealer then needs to be eligible to play and possibly use one of the mid-cards as well – giving you the chance to take a card that might not be good for the dealer but works for you. Ante 2 bets pay for pairs or triplets.

Double Attack Blackjack: There are some minor rule changes in this variation. The main benefit from the player’s perspective is that you can double your stakes after seeing the dealer’s face-up card. There is also a side bet based on the dealer bankruptcy, which adds some great entertainment value to the game.

Blackjack Surrender: This is a standard game that includes a rule of surrender at any time to help you get out of those difficult situations.

  • Perfect Blackjack: A standard game with ‘Popular Perfect Pairing’ side betting.

Progressive Blackjack: This is another game where side bets are paid based on Aces. If you hit 4 aces of the same suit, then you will win the big jackpot – which can go into 6 numbers. Other prizes start at $ 25 for 2 aces of any suit.