Knowledge of baccarat (Part 2)

Knowledge of baccarat (Part 2)

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Overview of baccarat history (Cont.)

Baccarat is one of the oldest casino games from the 14th century when it was brought from Italy to France. The name of the game is taken from the Italian word “baccarat” translated into English meaning “zero”. However, there is a clearer explanation for this name. In Baccarat, all 10, J, K, and Q cards have a value of 0. The same applies to any hand with a total of 0. For example, a card of 7 and 3 makes a hand with point 0 and that’s baccarat.

The most reliable historical source claims that baccarat is a derivative of the Italian meaning 0, but there is some controversy over the origin of the game because the French word “baccarat” also means zero. The most popular version of the origin of Baccarat, it was created by Felix Falguiere, a skilled Italian gambler. Baccarat was initially played with Tarot cards.

King Louis XIV – known to be one of the most autocratic kings in France, banned all forms of gambling, but instead of reducing interest in that type of game, the ban worked. opposite. Baccarat became more and more popular and the French version Chemi de Fer or, for short, Chemmy, became more widely available.

Although the first record of the game goes back to the 1400s, it was not until the 19th century that baccarat began to become popular in Europe. Before that, it was almost exclusively popular among French royalty.