Legal online blackjack casinos

Legal online blackjack casinos

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Where to play legal online Blackjack?

For players in the US, there is a general misunderstanding of the laws governing online casinos. Many people misinterpret that playing for real money at online casinos is not legal under federal law. In fact, no rule even mentions individual players. The act that everyone knows only covers banks, prohibiting them from dealing with gambling website operators.

This article gives you a specific overview of the US laws for online blackjack games. First below some legal gambling history, beginning in 1961. After that, article will cover state laws, including newly regulated states. At the end of the article we will cover some excellent and completely legal online Blackjack casinos.

Legal online blackjack – Timeline

The first statute to be passed federal to restrict gambling was announced in 1961. The Wire Act criminalized the transmission of gambling information across state borders by telephone. This is a crackdown on illegal sports betting (controlled by mobs). This took place well before the internet, however, it became important in the latter regulations of online gambling states.

Internet casinos started operating in the mid-1990s, and by mid-2000 it exploded. Blackjack is a clear game to give off a virtual feel, and evolves from a simple game into a variety of variations. Online casinos exist in a neutral legal region at the moment, with individual states generally believing their over 100-year-old laws prohibit all specifically unlicensed gambling. Include this type of activity.

In 2006, a law called the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was passed. This is the law that people mistakenly believe that it is illegal for individuals to experience online blackjack with real money. In fact, it only targets US banks and makes it illegal for them to work with unregulated betting sites. The consequences of this rule were enormous at the time. Most of the legal international casinos were forced to withdraw from the United States. They have been replaced with privately owned casinos, many of which relocate overseas to the Caribbean or Central America.

2011 saw two legal events that shaped the gambling industry as we know it today. First, there was a crackdown on gambling sites known as Black Friday, forcing many of the privately owned operations to shut down and forcing the people running them on fraud-related charges. Second and more importantly, the Wire Act has been made clear by the Attorney General. The scope is narrowed down to sports betting information only – with information about poker and casino unaffected. This allows some states to initiate regulations on online gambling (including blackjack) within their borders.

Legal online blackjack – State law

Many countries have special laws that prohibit real-money online gambling for individuals and / or betting site operators. These laws have never been enforced in any state, although it is always helpful to check your state before logging in. Utah, for example, has gone one step further than just banning online gambling, having specifically denied any future federal anti-gambling laws.

3 existing states have gambling sites operating in newly licensed and regulated environments. Nevada law covers poker games only, although you can enjoy casino games in New Jersey and Delaware. It is expected that these states will be the pioneers and that others will follow suit soon. The takeover of these casinos is slow at the moment, albeit early in the process.

Set up an existing offshore casino

The way things are organized for almost every casino at the moment, is that the casino website operators are based abroad in the jurisdiction where gambling is completely legal and regulated. Countries like Antigua and the Netherlands Antilles welcome gambling sites and maintain the right to accept players from the United States under agreed international free trade laws.

While banking transactions are still often blocked, these casinos use international payment codes, which allow funds to be deposited. Withdrawal is by paper check, which the US banks accept.

There are a number of major and reputable brands overseas, as well as many newer casinos that are offering a wide selection of games, bonuses and promotions to players. Online blackjack is still active and well available to players in the US, it’s located offshore right now.