Play Blackjack using a bank transfer

Play Blackjack using a bank transfer

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Along with all the features modern banking has to offer, bank transfer is one of the most commonly used services today. It is a fast, safe, and efficient money-handling method, and the process is quite simple.

How does this form work?

Bank transfer, also known as credit transfer, is a service that allows you to transfer a specific amount of money to another account without having to deal with a lot of paperwork. Bank staff do everything for you. Just go to the bank headquarters and request a transfer service. It is extremely important to provide the bank representative with accurate information about your bank account and, respectively, the recipient’s account to avoid any mistakes. For international bank transfers, you must provide your bank’s SWIFT code and carry your international passport as this type of transfer is closely monitored.


If you do not have a bank account, you can still make a transfer using other services, such as Western Union. You can actually send money to any country within minutes. There are many convenient places around the world where you can do that. You will be given a unique code that you must provide to your recipient. All the receiver has to do is go to the location closest to his ID and tell the unique number to the transactor.

Create an account / shopping card

To make a bank transfer while playing blackjack, you must have a valid bank account and have sufficient funds in it. You can also do the necessary paperwork and go to the teller’s desk to pay cash for the transfer.

Cash withdrawal by bank transfer

For international bank transfers, it usually takes a few days to complete the transfer. Once the money has been deposited into the recipient’s account, he can withdraw it at any ATM machine. It’s important to note that in most cases, the amount will be calculated in the currency of the country you send it in, so some exchange rate fees may apply.

Advantages of using a bank transfer

  • The procedure is simple, you only need to provide detailed information to the bank staff without having to do anything by your side except to provide accurate data.
  • Quickly if you want to send money to someone in the same country and you are both cardholders at the same bank, the transfer can be completed in minutes.

Wire transfer is usually the least expensive payment method. Sometimes it’s even free.

  • Safe, the money will return to your account if the recipient’s personal information is not completely accurate. However, be careful if you have to send money to someone you don’t know well.