The complete baccarat tutorial (Part 2)

The complete baccarat tutorial (Part 2)

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The best baccarat sites
A fun way to learn faster is to use these tutorials in conjunction with online game play. Instead of waiting for you to read this entire page (and any other you might come across), we think we’ll pause here to get you started looking for a great baccarat site. We’ll talk a little bit about what makes a decent baccarat website a bit later.

All of these sites will provide you with not only great baccarat games but also great promotions and customer service to round out your player experience.

Online Casino Rankings Casino Sports Poker Sign Up Bonuses
1 Betway 100%, up to $ 1,000 X X X
2 Jackpot City 100%, up to $ 1,600 X X X
3 Spin Palace 100%, up to $ 1,000 X X X
4 888 Casino 100%, up to $ 200 X X X
How to play baccarat
While you are browsing the web pages and starting to create an account, it’s time to turn our attention to teaching you how to play the game! We will focus on the online version of the game, which is a single player version, compared to table games at traditional casinos which can hold up to 9 players.

The number of players at the table really doesn’t matter, because in baccarat there is only one hand that all players bet on. This game, consisting of the player’s and the dealer’s cards, is actually quite simple, as the player doesn’t have to take any action either – the dealer takes care of it all. It is almost like betting on other players’ cards at the table.

The premise of the game is very simple – the hand with the highest score wins. However, the value of the cards is different from most other games. In baccarat, the ace has the value of 1 and all the 10s and the humanoid cards have the value of 0. Cards 2-9 are priced the same as their numbers indicated. The goal is as close to 9 points as possible, with 2 or 3 cards based on the rules we’ll outline below.