The difference between online and offline poker (Part 1)

The difference between online and offline poker (Part 1)

2020年9月24日 casino news 0
Khác biệt khi chơi poker trực tuyến và ngoại tuyến

Poker is poker. The rules – whether you play online or offline – are the same. The flush hand beats straight online just like live casino. And the goal of poker – to win chips from your opponent – does not matter where you play. However, it is about where the similarities between online and offline poker begin and end. Online poker games differ greatly, in so many ways, from the things you experience in a casino.

You cannot hide bad poker cards in a casino

I started playing poker at local casinos many years ago. My biggest weakness at the time was the inability to hide my emotions.If I was in a slump due to a few consecutive bad hands, I couldn’t hide it from my opponents. . They know I am disturbed. So when I bet, I don’t get respect from the others on the table. They knew I was disappointed and tried to regain my losses.

Or when I’m excited because I have a good song, my excited feelings are obvious. So when I place a bet, it all goes. Maybe I lost thousands of dollars very early in my poker career just because I couldn’t hide my feelings. If I had started playing online, I would have noticed it soon. Having a good face while playing online poker is just as helpful as having a winter coat in Florida.